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REI Mainnet Is Now Live!
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Earn rewards by voting your $REI to help secure the REI network.
Choose nodes and start earning in just a few clicks.
  • Up to 10% APR for a one-year commitment to voting
  • Share the rewards with nodes
  • Note: This calculation of earnings is for reference only and does not represent the final earnings, please refer to the actual results
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REI Network
REI Network Realize lower resource consumption through
the design of tokenomics.Provides a more user-friendly
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Free Gas

REI Network can achieve free gas, users are able to complete on-chain transactions with almost zero fees through the innovative design of staking&replacement for on-chain resources.

Fast Transactions

REI Network pays great attention to speed, with an average block time of 3 seconds. Tps reaches 3000+. Under the premise of ensuring decentralization, it will bring users a faster experience.


Read the REI Network document, learn the features of REI Network, look for development resources, and apply for developer growth funds.


Join REI DAO to become a validator, vote for the validator to get rewards, staking to get free gas, participate in community governance, and submit proposals.


REI Network can be shared and symbiotic with the EVM Ecosystem, also supporting the development of Defi, GameFi, and NFT.

Media Center

Learn about REI Network latest brand building, operation trends, development progress, etc.

REI Network Community

REI Network community members are around the world. You are welcome to join our community, share your creativity, ideas, freely use and build Dapps on REI Network. Join the growing REI Network community which supports 13+ languages.


  • GXChain 2.0 developer Preview Version released, and the code is officially open-sourced
  • GXChain 2.0 testnet released, supports EVM and Ethereum general infrastructure, and is based on POA consensus; GXChain 2.0 testnet block explorer launched
  • GXChain 2.0 testnet was upgraded, and stacking and slashing modules were introduced to realize second-level block confirmation
  • GXChain 2.0 testnet was upgraded to realize the free economic model
  • GXChain 2.0 was officially renamed REI network. GXChain 1.0 and REI network are interconnected & CrossChain through GXC-Relay
Eureka 2022.Q1
The singularity of the rebrand from GXChain to REI Network.
  • Compatible with EVM and Ethereum infrastructure, fast transaction confirmation through DPoS+BFT
  • FreeStake (Free Economic Model) testnet was live
  • $GXC-$REI token swap
  • REI Network ecosystem infrastructure construction, ecosystem blueprint and brand building plan
Tribes 2022.Q2
The tribe is the source of human civilization. At this stage, the development of REI Network will be accelerated.
  • REI Network connects with mainstream blockchain ecosystems
  • REI Network project and ecosystem growth plan released (Users, TVL)
  • FreeStake (Free Economic Model) mainnet is launched
  • REI DAO Decentralized Governance is live
  • REI Network Super Node Campaign is started
  • REI Network Brand Building: covers the world’s major crypto markets
Federation 2022.Q3-Q4
The Federation is a more modern and efficient paradigm for human society and civilization. At this stage, REI Network will focus on building a more organized, scaled, and oriented ecosystem:
  • Reconstruct RPC, P2P network, consensus mechanism, and virtual machine module to achieve 2–3 times overall performance improvement
  • Explore modular public chain technology, and the integration of Rollups, sharding, multi-chain, and other technologies with REI Network
  • Large-scale projects and ecosystem growth cycle on REI Network (Users, TVL)
  • Field focused growth: accelerate field growth plans for Free Economic Model (DeFi, GameFi, NFT, SocialFi, etc.)
  • Strengthen brand recognition of REI Network: expanding the global space
Spreading 2023
REI Network will commit itself to improve performance and applying native assets to more areas, expanding global acceptance:
  • Solve the Trilemma of public chain through modular public chain technology, achieve a hundredfold performance improvement of REI Network under the premise of security and decentralization
  • REI Network is further accepted by global users
  • $REI, the native asset: covers more fields and use cases
  • The public welfare attribute of REI Network: playing an inclusive social role